Editing / proofreading

Whether it is just clearing orthographical, grammatical or syntactical mistakes (proofreading) or improving expression and style of a text (editing) – you decide how profound our editing may be. It goes without saying that we edit your manuscripts only under the terms of your requirements and with your or the author’s approval. Our proofreading or editing covers:

Proofreading (German and English):
› Checking spelling, grammar and punctuation
› Compliance of a consistent spelling and formal requirements
› Control of typographical standards
› Looking over the structure
› Proposals for improving the layout

Editing (German):
› Improving the readability and enhancing comprehensibility
› Optimizing expression and style
› Shorten the text
› Judging plausibility and logic
› Checking the coherence of the structure

Accurate – comprehensible – eloquent.

Each text is different, our fee is accordingly. We will be glad to send you an individual offer.